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fanele thee

Recording  Artist, Producer & Director

Fanele Zulu is a recording artist & music producer.

He currently resides
in Johannesburg, and is currently producing the follow up to the IIREI EP titled Since The End, Till The Beginning.  His recent release titled With Love, From Havoc is his best work to date showcasing his ability as a versatile musician 

2019-04-15 10.57.47 1.jpg


Fine Art Visual Artist

Coltart Sithole is an entrepreneur and self-taught photographer, videographer and director. He
currently resides in Boksburg. His
latest venture called No-Khala Arts, is an art platform that enables visual artists (photographers
& painters) to sell their work to art lovers. The aim of this project is to help artists to earn a better and well deserved living from their artworks.


tale OG

Recording  Artist, Producer & Director

Tumelo Tale Selemela, known as Tale(pronounced Ta-lé). He was born and
raised in the East Rand, in a township called Kaltehong, in South Africa.
Growing up, he listened to all kinds of music that was played around but had a liking in hip hop
music. It was when he was 12 years old that he started identifying himself as a hip-hop stan. His
music influences are the likes of J. Cole, Pro Kid, Jay Z, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem & Ab-Soul.
He owns a rare hip-hop sound that can be compared to that of one of South African hip-hop
pioneers Stogie T, in his own way.

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